We're still alive!

Hello friends!

We wanted to take a moment to update you all about what we have been working on.  First off, we're wanted to apologize for the radio silence for the last couple of weeks.  Karen, our community manager/ creative director, got sick a few weeks back with bronchitis (not Covid-19!) so she took the time to get well which is why you haven't been seeing posts on Facebook/ Youtube/ Discord or Instagram recently.

That being said, since Karen has been temporarily laid off of her day job due to Covid-19, she has had much more time to work on the game and get well and we are happy to say we are back up and at it, working harder than ever!  We are planning on getting back to the daily posts and updates, and have some exciting things to show you all in the coming weeks!

From us at Kyrenal Games, we hope you are all doing well amidst the Pandemic and if you're in quarentine, we hope you aren't going too crazy!  

Game on!