Summer Update

Hello fellow gamers!

We wanted to take some time to give you all an update on what we've been working on.  Things have been quite busy so we haven't been sharing updates for majority of the summer but rest assured, we are still hard at work on Beyond the Shadow!  

Quite a bit has happened since our last update.  We upgraded one of our two work stations only to have it go down a couple weeks later.  The repair process unfortunately took around a month to complete so we weren't able to get much done through the tail end of May and most of June.  We did eventually get the second work station back up and running after much frustration and have been back at it since.

Some of the things we have been striving to work on and get into the game are animations and another enemy type.  One of the biggest challenges we have been facing recently is learning how to animate as we are self taught in everything we are doing.  We decided that working on our more recent enemy, the Spriggan, will give us more practice with animation as it is a simpler enemy to work with.  We are hoping to be able to record a video soon of the Spriggan in action but for the time being, I am excited to give you your first look at what he looks like!

You'll also notice by this and the other updated screenshots on our site that we have tweaked the fog effect to allow for more clarity in the lighting thus making the environment feel a bit more realistic.  Ultimately we still have plenty to learn when it comes to creating a realistic environment but compared to where we starting things have definitely progressing well!

Beyond animations and the environment, we have begun to work on interior buildings a bit more.  The sheer size of our map is a bit daunting and there is so much to do that we felt we needed to get a kick start on pulling together everything we need for making neighborhoods and decorating the insides of homes.  Our most recent project has actually been to create a fitness center.  Take a look at these shots from the inside.  Just keep in mind that we still have work to do on lighting and many of these areas will likely be modified multiple times over prior to release (iteration iteration!).

One other thing we wanted to update you all on quickly is the landscape material which we did another complete overhaul on.  We feel it blends together so much better and with the changed fog effect feels much more realistic.  We have found the best way (for us anyway) to blend between rocky faces and grassy fields automatically allowing us to save time and refine our painting of other material types such as forest ground and sand.  Further more, we have amplified our weather system to allow for gradual snow accumulation and water to freeze over.  Things like this just add to the realism we are working to build and incorporate into our world.  Here are a couple examples of the landscape work we've done:

That's it for today's update.  We wanted to thank you all again for your continued support and for keeping up on these updates, even if they have been few and far between in the past 6 months.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook if you're not already and join us on Discord; we typically try to share more updates there when we can!

Until next time, play on!

Kyrenal Games,