First Screen Shot!

While we have only just scratched the surface in what it means to make a game,  we are very excited to share our very first screenshot with you all!  Between our day jobs and married life, finding time to self teach how to 3D model, create maps, build lighting and make everything work together is a trick.

In his free time, Kyle has been hard at work learning the technical side of things.  How to use the engine and make the logistics work, how to build a map and lighting and atmosphere.  Simply learning how to create the game logic has been his main goal.  In the screen shot,  you will see a small little area where Kyle built some textured ground with some hills, and added a fog effect to make things look eerie.

In Karen's free time, she has been delving into the world of 3D modeling and sculpting.  Learning how to create something from scratch while modeling has been her biggest challenge to overcome.  It takes a lot of time and patience to make things look exactly how you want them to look!  In the above screenshot, you can see that Karen has made some trees and shrubbery along with a character model.

The map in this screenshot is just a testing level and will not actually be a part of the game.  That being said, we will be utilizing assets from this world to build the world Beyond the Shadow.  Keep checking back for more updates!  We are working hard to learn what we can to make a great survival game!

-Kyrenal Games