DEV LOG #3: Climate

Been awhile since the previous Dev Log. We're still working hard on Beyond The Shadow. The past year was difficult, between juggling our day jobs and working on our first title.

The topic for today as the headline states, is Climate.

Beyond the Shadow takes place in a fictional Midwestern United States city.  We are in the process of incorporating a full seasonal and climate system. 


Snow Transition

With the climate system that we have implemented you can get occasional snowfall and cold fronts in Spring and Autumn, but during the Summer you will have a much higher chance of facing heat waves. 


Your character will have a body temp you need to maintain. We wanted the elements to have a gameplay effect, but we don't want it to be a tedious nuisance.

So if an extreme cold front hits, you'll need to build fires or stay indoors to avoid it. You will burn hunger at a faster rate. The clothing you wear is for cosmetics only, so if you like a sleeveless look, you can rock that in -20 degree temperatures and it won't impact a thing. 

If you have any questions leave them below and we will talk soon, preferably without a year plus gap.

Kyle "Borshay" Borchert (May 24th, 2021)