DEV LOG #2: UI Part 2 - Looting

Previously I covered how our goal is for all UI elements to be in the game world, this dev log will show a bit more on what we’re aiming for.  


One of the things that bothers me about how some games handle looting, is that the item magically disappears for the world, and into the players inventory. We wanted to give it an in-game reason for how these items vanish into your inventory.

The character’s backpack in the game is how we are handling most of these diegetic elements.  The character isn’t picking up an item and stuffing it into a sack, he is digitizing the data of the item is entered into the characters inventory database. 


As the item is digitized and put into the character’s inventory, we show an icon on the backpack.

T1 Quality Loot

For our inventory we are going with a item quality system. It’s a five-tier system, with a color attached to each tier, much like you’d see in other RPGs. When you pick up an item, you’ll get a very quick snapshot of quality of item you just picked up. Above you can see when you pick up a basic quality item, it has a greyish background. When a top tier item is looted, you can see below it gives a purple hue.

Tier 5 Loot Quality

That’ll wrap up this post, speak to you soon!

-       Borshay (March 18 2020)