DEV LOG #1: User Interface Concepts

             Whispera and I began development on the project 8 months ago, and we entered with no previous experience in game development. We have put in a lot of hard work these past months, learning, concepting, learning, and executing what we’ve learned. All in all, we have made tremendous leaps and bounds. Our goal for the project is to create a unique survival game that contains some elements from games we have loved over the years.


For the User Interface we really wanted to go with a diegetic UI, meaning that all the visual UI elements exist in the game world. Far and away my biggest influence was from Dead Space. I loved how the health was built onto Isaac, and his inventory was truly HIS inventory. Not just a screen overlay. I’ve spent many hours working on creating a unique look, that still has some visual callbacks to those games. 


Screenshot from in engine dated from January 2020

Our player character will have an advanced backpack that contains the player’s health, in the shape of an EKG effect (Our first pass at the backpack can be see at the top of this page), as well as containing the player character’s hunger & thirst levels. A spot also exists to give the player an indicator of the loot he has just picked up. We are attempting to tackle both first and third person view options, so many of the backpack mechanics will be substituted onto a wrist panel that is currently still a work in progress.


Our in-world UI design carries over onto some of our graphical decisions. We didn’t want items in the world to magically vanished once the player hit a button/key, so we have added a graphical element to the item disappearing, to imply that the items are being added into the player’s inventory database.


I plan on doing a blog post once every week/few weeks, detailing our concepts for the game, as well as how we have incorporated those concepts into the actual project.


            Speak to you again soon!

-          Borshay (March 4th, 2020)