About Kyrenal Games

It was once we met that we realized we shared a common interest in gaming. If we aren’t busy with our day job we are usually at home in our nerd cave either playing video games, watching other people play video games or talking about them. We got married in March of 2019 and had a video game themed wedding! What video game themed wedding would be complete without games in the reception?


                Our "first game" with the wedding party- We're the two on the left

Our favorite games to play are survival games with base building. There are so many great games out there to play but it always seemed like there was something missing from each, which is when we started playing around with the idea of making our own containing all the elements we want in a game. And thus Kyrenal Games was born! We know it will be a long journey full of frustrations and challenges but we have each other to get through it!

Thank you for your support in the coming years and we look forward to making our vision a reality and sharing it with you all!